Rainy day

So we haven’t moved yet but I this actually quite fun to do so I figured I’d find something to write about 🙂
Had a baby dr. appt yesterday afternoon to see if I could get off bed rest and thankfully she said I could if I felt good about it and that I took it easy. We’ll see how long that lasts at work but I am happy to be able to contribute some money again. We still have some baby stuff I am eager to get and it could help.
We had some people come by last night that agreed to live in the other side of our rental site unseen which is crazy but good too. Now we just need to get our side occupied and that’ll be a huge stress reliever since Todd is needed at fairfield in just a few short weeks. Hopefully we can write up a really good contract that works well with us being in a different town as our tenant.
For the last week Anna has been having growing pains off and on and I feel so bad for her cause they are definitely not fun and she always looks like she’s in agony when they spring on her. Last night was particularly bad and they came on in just one leg so I think with the pain being concentrated in just one area actually made them worse to deal with. First she told me her leg was itchy so I rubbed lotion on it but then she started to cry really hard and she finally told me her leg was hurting really badly.
Anna had a bit of a cough too (just couldn’t catch a break last night) so I gave her some medicine for that and I think it helped the leg pain too. Before it kicked in though, I let her come hang out with me in our living room and watched The Office for a bit while I rubbed her leg. Didn’t take her long to pass out cuddled up next to me (poor baby). Of course though, didn’t take too long for a stupid rain storm to wake her up and scare her with its thunder. I scooped up Tiny and Snuggles and told her they were on guard and weren’t going to let anything get to her and reminded her I was in the room right next to hers. That seemed to ease her mind cause I didn’t hear her again. It still sucked though cause I could see she was just so exhausted from everything and yet couldn’t sleep.
It’s still raining today and I’m not sure how long Anna will be sleeping in so we’ll see what we do with the day later on I guess. Hopefully she sleeps in long enough to feel well rested but not so long that she can’t get to sleep at a decent time tonight since she has school tomorrow. Guess we’ll see.
I had ordered her an Eloise book off Amazon a bit ago but I ordered it used from an off company so it takes a bit longer to get things. It finally came yesterday and it has all four Eloise stories in it. The stories are actually pretty long so we only read one last night but Anna was thrilled. She’s been watching the Eloise cartoons on netflix and loves them. I like that she has found something that doesn’t give me a huge headache after watching it a few times lol. Eloise is actually really cute and strong minded in a good way so she’s a good role model for Anna. The books are definitely dated though cause you can see the adult characters smoking in some instances and some of the things Eloise adventures into I’m sure don’t exist at The Plaza hotel anymore but that actually adds to the charm I think.


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