Bed rest

So the dr. told me I could get off bed rest Wednesday and yesterday I was feeling really good. I had the energy to clean up the house and cook dinner so I thought I’d be good to go today. Apparently I was all wrong. Got great sleep last night but as the day progressed today, I started getting really light headed even when I was sitting down. Then my back started hurting really badly with really sharp stabbing pains that went through my sides as well. I tried to put off calling the dr. as long as possible cause I really didn’t want to hear I’d have to go back on bed rest but once I started getting a terrible pressure in my lower abdomen, I knew it was inevitable. The pressure was constant but every few minutes I would get really striking pains as well and going to the bathroom just made it more pressured.
Todd left work to take me in to get checked and it was found to be a stupid bladder infection. I have to take the rest of the day off and do nothing. Dr. Hougham wrote me a prescription for tylenol with codeine and hopefully everything will be completely back to normal Monday so I can actually go to work and stay there the whole day so I can get a full paycheck next week. I really want to be able to work up till maybe a week before the baby comes. I should still have at least 8 more weeks of work left. Keeping my fingers crossed.


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